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The Advantages of Movies on DVD

Since the development of movies on DVD, movie technology has continued to get better and better. Movies on DVD present numerous advantages over VHS—so many, in fact, that VHS movies are becoming less and less common because they just cannot compete with DVDs. On a most basic level, DVDs are more resistant to damage if they are properly cared for because DVD players never “eat” the DVDs as VCRs sometimes do for VHS.

On a more artistic level, DVDs have really improved the home cinematic experience because of better picture and sound quality and the option to choose to view the movie in wide screen format. In addition, because DVDs have more available space, movies on DVD now include any number of special features, ranging from extra scenes, trailers, and music videos to commentaries, interviews, and behind the scenes footage.

Better Rentals for Movies on DVD

Movies on DVD have also made other advances possible in the DVD rental business. Because of the small size and low weight of DVDs, they are extremely easy and cheap to ship. As a result of this advantage and the demand for cheap rentals, numerous online DVD rental companies have developed. These companies are revolutionary in that they offer unlimited rentals for a monthly subscription price and have no due dates or late fees. Customers are allowed to keep the DVDs for as long as they want, returning them at their convenience—by mail just like they received them—when they want to rent another movie.

As you can see, DVDs are definitely the wave of the future, and it is to your gain to join the DVD crowd as soon as possible to take full advantage of all the benefits. If you do decide to try one of these online rental companies, there are numerous ones to choose from, all with slightly different prices and rental options. A quick search on the Internet will pull up a lengthy list and many offer two-week free trials so you can test out the service before committing.

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