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Rent Movies Online?

With the recent surge of television commercials and Internet pop-ups advertising such sites as and, you are probably aware that you can now rent movies online. If the whole concept of online movie rental still seems foreign to you, however, you have come to the right place! The next few paragraphs will tell you the ups-and-downs of the two major companies and of online movie rentals in general.

How to Rent Movies Online

Chances are that you don't really know how to rent movies online or if it is even a very good idea. Your first step in this new technology is to decide if online movie rental is the correct choice for you. The way online rentals work is actually quite simple: First, you visit your chosen company's website and choose the movies you wish to view. This whole process closely resembles online shopping. The movies (generally three at a time) will be sent to you, you will view them, and then you will send them back to the company in a postage-paid envelope. The best part is that you can rent as many movies as you want in a month for a flat fee with NO late fees!

If this whole process appeals to you, you must choose which company you are interested in working with. At the moment, the two major competitors are and Both are nearly identical in format, and both offer a free 14-day trial. Additionally, both offer the option of cancelling at any time with no additional charges. However, there are some important differences. First of all, is slightly cheaper than Netflix for the same service, which is an important factor for most Americans. Secondly, offers a wide selection of video games in addiiton to DVD movies.

If still interested in online movie rentals, think about signing up for both free trials, but make sure you remember to cancel before your trial membership ends to avoid being charged. However, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if you end up liking one of the services so well that you end up with a paid subscription! Happy playing and viewing!

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