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Rent Videos Online: Who Will Benefit

There are now two options for movie rentals: rent videos online or rent from a store. Which method you choose probably depends on what kind of movie customer you are. If you are the occasional movie watcher who rents a movie when you have the time or the urge to see a film, online rentals may not be the best idea for you because the monthly subscription may cost more than you typically pay per month for movies and you will not have your movies instantly once you decide you want to watch one. However, if you are an avid movie watcher who watches nearly everything that comes out and likes to always have a movie or two on hand for spontaneous occasions, renting videos online might be perfect for you.

Rent Videos Online: The Process

If you decide that you would like to try to rent videos online, the first thing you have to do is subscribe to an online rental company’s monthly service. By paying a fee of around $20, depending on which company you choose, you will have unlimited access to a large selection of movies—often around 25,000 titles—that you can check out three at a time and keep for as long as you like. The best benefit is that you do not have to worry about late fees or due dates.

It is easy to find online video rental companies that meet your needs. One of the largest and most established is NetFlix, which offers three at a time movie rentals for $17.99 per month and fast delivery times. NetFlix’s largest competitor is GamezNFlix: it offers game rentals in addition to movies, resulting in a selection of 28,000 titles. Its service costs only $17.25 per month. One word of caution for some renters: most of the companies only offer DVDs for online rental because they are smaller and easier to ship. If you do not have a DVD player, these subscription services will not work for you in most cases.

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