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Video Rental Online

Each month, millions of Americans decide to participate in a video rental online. It doesn't take long to see why this would be a better choice than going to the local rental store for so many people. After all, who can beat the economical value of unlimited movie rentals for less than $20 a month with no late fees, and who wouldn't like the convenience of simply going to their mailbox instead of having to drive to the nearest video store?

For each American who chooses to rent videos online, however, there are many more who either don't know that this new convenience even exists, aren't sure of how it works, or are wary of trusting the television commercials and Internet pop-ups that seem "too good to be true." In the next few paragraphs, you will learn the fundamentals of online movie rentals, why this is a better choice than traditional video rental stores, and how your own online rental account is only a few short clicks away!

The Basics of Video Rentals Online

Before you can be comfortable with this new process, you need to learn the basics of video rentals online. The two major companies specializing in online rentals, Netflix ( and Gameznflix ( both follow the same general format. You sign up for an account at their website and choose the movies you wish to rent. Though you are allowed unlimited movie rentals per month for a flat fee, you are generally allowed only three movies out at a time. When you are done viewing the movie, you simply drop it into the mail in the postage-paid envelope provided. In a few short days, you will receive e-mail confirmation that they have received the movie, and they will immediately send you the next movie on your list.

The best part of this new way of renting is that there are no late fees. You can keep each movie as long as you want. Additionally, both online companies have a much larger selection of movies, including hard-to-find older movies, than a traditional video store. Remember, though, that both companies offer DVD only and not VHS! Also, you would be able to rent only about five movies a month at a traditional video store for the same price as a Netflix or Gameznflix subscription, so if you rent a lot, an online video rental might actually be more economical for you. Gameznflix offers video games in their subscriptions as well in case this is something that interests you.

If this new technology seems appealing, spend some time surfing the Internet at these two sites, and use a search engine to determine if there are any competing alternates that might be even cheaper. Also, it would be helpful if you could read some subscriber reviews or talk to people you know who subscribe, since actual customers tend to be very honest about their experiences. Enjoy!

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