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Movies to Rent 101: The Choice

Making the decision of which movies to rent can often be more difficult than it seems. There are so many categories and genres, along with other factors like who produced the film and which actors star in it. Comedy, drama, action, foreign, horror, romantic comedy, documentary, film festival flicks—each one has something unique to offer and appeals to different kinds of viewers. Some people merely watch movies for entertainment purposes, while others want to take in the full cinematographic experience. Some like almost every film they watch, while others are intensely critical. Regardless of viewer preference or style, there is an array of movies currently available for rent that are well worth the time it takes to watch them.

Favorite Picks for Movies to Rent

As far as which movies to rent, here are a few suggestions. If documentaries appeal to your non-fiction interests, be sure to check _Fahrenheit 9/11_, _The Fog of War_, _Super-size Me_, and _Bowling for Columbine_. These movies are somewhat serious in nature, but they also have a comedic undertone as they point out idiocies and inconsistencies in today’s society. They convey specific information to the viewer, but their bigger influence is in provoking critical thought.

For action and drama-lovers, _Man on Fire_ is a good choice. Starring Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning, this movie features good acting, an interesting plot, and edge-of-the-seat action. _Runaway Jury_ also earns a recommendation: a unique storyline and steady suspense work together to make this movie a must-see.

For more serious drama, _The Hours_ follows the intertwined lives of three women of different ages, while also examining the story of writer Virginia Wolfe. Happy it is not, but it really causes the viewer to think about life and what it means. If looking for inspiration, Julia Roberts succeeds again in _Mona Lisa Smile_. Set in a very conservative female boarding school, this film examines the relationship between traditional female roles and feminist liberation and emphasizes the influence of educators. Although these are only a few of the numerous options available, hopefully it is a helpful start for which movies to rent.

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