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Net Flix: No Late Fees

If you have not yet heard of Net Flix, you are missing out on a great new option for DVD rentals. Anyone who has ever rented a DVD from a movie store has probably realized that the companies make a large amount of profit solely from late fees. Although it is yet to be understood why it is so hard for people to return movies on time, the reality is that nearly all of us have been the victims of a hefty late-fee at some time or another. Whether you wait to watch the movie until the day it is due or simply leave it sitting in your house or car for days on end, forgotten and overlooked, late fees have a way of finding you. However, with the new service of Net Flix, annoying late fees can become a thing of the past.

Hi-Tech DVD Rentals With Net Flix

If you have a computer and a mailbox, Net Flix can and will work for you. It is an online company that provides DVD rentals to its customers with no due dates or late fees for a simple monthly fee of less than $20. After a simple registration process where you are required to give your address, email and credit card number (for billing purposes), you can begin to order DVDs from Net Flix.

Offering a huge selection of current new-releases, old favorites, classics, and foreign films, Net Flix can almost certainly send you the DVD you want to see. You can browse through its selection by genre, most popular rentals, or movies that are similar to your past rentals. Once you have chosen your DVDs—you can rent up to three at one time—Net Flix will immediately ship them to your home. Because Net Flix has distribution centers all over the country, most DVDs arrive at your door within 1-2 days. You can then keep them as long as you like, sending them back for others at your own convenience. Net Flix even provides a postage paid envelope for the return of the rented DVDs. So, if you are ready to try something new in DVD rentals, sign up with Net Flix and never face the hassle of late charges and due dates ever again.

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