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Netflix Competitors: The Fight Is On

Because of NetFlix’s long reputation and solid customer base, NetFlix competitors have had to fight very hard to carve out a space for themselves in the online DVD rental market. However, these companies have generally been successful in competing with NetFlix through a variety of ways, some more so than others. Whether they offer something NetFlix does not, advertise lower prices, appeal to a different group of consumers, etc., these companies aim to build a large customer base of their own and take advantage of the demand for online DVD rentals.

NetFlix Competitors: Good News for Consumers

Out of all of the NetFlix competitors, the largest and most recognized is probably GamezNFlix. Through its intensive efforts at customer satisfaction, the company is experiencing dramatic gains in number of customers. It has plans to add two to three more distribution centers this year to better meet the shipping needs of customers nationwide, and its customer base is growing at a rate of twenty to forty percent per month. To compete with NetFlix’s reputation, GamezNFlix offers an additional product—video games—and lower prices on all of its plans.

Player’s Choice is another popular competitor, but it operates on a much smaller scale, offering a selection of 5,000 games and 3,000 DVDs in comparison to NetFlix’s selection of 25,000 titles. However, Player’s Choice focuses more on game rentals and draws customers who are serious game players as opposed to serious movie watchers, especially since it also offers the option to rent gaming systems.

Therefore, Player’s Choice appeals to a completely different group of consumers—ones who have more interest in games but still would like the benefits of renting popular DVDs from the same service. Even if you would still choose NetFlix for your DVD rentals over NetFlix competitors, their presence is good news for all consumers because it ensures that NetFlix will be forced to compete, continually improving its product and service and offering low prices.

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