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NetFlix Games

With all the hype surrounding the popular services of NetFlix, you may be surprised to learn that NetFlix games are not available. NetFlix has chosen, at least at the current time, to focus its business solely on DVD rentals. However, just because the giant of Internet rental companies does not offer games, it does not mean you should give up hope. There are numerous other options out there, all with minor differences that allow you, the discerning customer, to choose the best one for your needs.

Instead of NetFlix Games...

When looking for an online rental company to serve your needs instead of NetFlix games, you should consider what is most important to you in your rental subscription service. Almost all of them offer unlimited rentals with no late fees or due dates, so this will not change from company to company. However, what will vary is price, diversity of plans, game selection, number of rentals allowed at a time, delivery times, and other services.

GamezNFlix would probably be the company most like NetFlix with games because it is NetFlix’s largest competitor. Because of its size and growing reputation, it can offer lower prices than many of the other online rental companies, as well as a larger selection. Unlike companies that solely offer DVDs or games, but not both, GamezNFlix has a selection of over 28,000 game and DVD titles. It also offers five different plans, including up to eight rentals at a time (which is the most offered by many of the more well-known companies) with the standard plan being three at a time.

Player’s Choice is another option that offers DVDs in addition to its focus on games, but its selection is considerably smaller, with 5,000 game titles and 3,000 DVD titles. Its two biggest advantages are its next day delivery time and the option to rent entire gaming systems. Therefore, if there is a new game that you would like to play but do not have the system it requires, you can easily rent the game and system all from the same place.

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