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QwikFliks prides itself on its customer service. They truly believe the slogan, “The customer comes first.” Their service is fast and easy to use, and if there are any problems, the friendly people at QwikFliks are eager and ready to help. They offer a “premium” service, and are there to help you as much as possible.

QwikFliks is dedicated to acquiring as many movies as possible, to give their customers the largest DVD library to choose from. They currently carry over 17,000 in fact! Similar to most online DVD rentals, Quikfliks charges no late fees and makes it easy to order and return movies with no shipping charges. If you have any questions, they have a set of links on their website that will answer them.

QwikFlicks Plans

QwikFliks plans bring something new to the table. Almost all online rental programs like NetFlix, CleanFilms, Blockbuster, just to name a few, offer several different plans for their rental service. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they all fit the average consumer’s needs. QwikFlicks points out the fact that people using these online services don’t always rent 20 movies a month therefore they don’t need to pay for that many movies.

What QwikFlicks has done is let you decide how much you want to pay month by month based on how many movies you want to watch. Let’s say you only watch 4 movies. Why pay those other guys $19 or more a month to see 4 movies when you can pay only $10.95! If you decide you want to see 10 movies next month, you can upgrade. If you find that you didn’t watch all that you thought you would, you can go back down to a lower program. QwikFliks offers flexibility which works great for busy or not so busy lifestyles.

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