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Options to Rent DVD Online

Once you have decided to rent DVD online, there are different options from which you can choose, often with only minor differences. Regardless of which company you choose, most will offer the freedom to keep the DVDs as long as you want without the worry and hassle of due dates and late fees. Selections are generally large, the sites are easy to navigate, and you have the freedom the cancel your subscription service at any time. Although there are numerous options out there for online DVD rental, two of the most popular are NetFlix and GamezNFlix.

Rent DVD Online at NetFlix and GamezNFlix

NetFlix is the probably the most well-known rent DVD online option. It offers a selection of over 25,000 DVDs available to rent three at a time for $17.99 per month. Generally, customers receive their selections within one to three business days, without paying additional shipping and postage costs. A postage-paid envelope is even included with your DVD so it is easy to return the movie whenever you are ready for a new one. If you feel that three DVDs at a time is not enough, NetFlix also offers the option to rent five at a time for $29.99 or eight for $47.99. For the occasional movie renter, a special plan allows customers to have two DVDs checked-out together, with a limit of only four per month for $11.99.

Although NetFlix is a reputable company with a good service and subscription plan, GamezNFlix has some advantages over NetFlix in addition to offering free shipping and postage and no due dates or late fees. First, is price difference. GamezNFlix’s plan for three DVDs at a time costs only $17.25, but they also offer four for $21.95, five for $25.95, six for $32.95 and eight for $222.00 (paid for annually for 14 months). All of these plans are cheaper than NetFlix’s options. In addition, GamezNFlix boasts a selection of over 28,000 DVDs AND games for Playstation2, Xbox, Nintendo, etc. Therefore, a subscriber to GamezNFlix can choose between movies and games, all for lower prices. Regardless of which plan will work better for you, the new rent DVD online options allow for greater flexibility and convenience in movie and game rental that is sure to make anyone’s life easier.

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