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New Way to Rent DVD

For people who continually follow the rapid advances and developments of technology, it will be no surprise that there are now Internet companies that allow customers to rent DVD. These services are revolutionary not only because they allow online DVD rentals, which is something that many people probably did not consider, but also because they offer the freedom of no late charges or due dates. Customers may keep the DVDs in their home, watching them as many times as they like, and then return them by mail at their convenience. Once the monthly subscription fee is paid, there is no limit on how many DVDs can be rented per month, only on how many may be rented at one time.

GamezNFlix: Great Option to Rent DVD

GamezNFlix is one of the more popular Internet companies to rent DVD. It has a selection of over 28,000 titles, including games for Playstation2, Xbox, and Nintendo in addition to movies. The subscription service is affordable and adaptable, allowing customers to choose a cost and plan that best meets their needs. Serious movie watchers may want to splurge on the largest plan allowing them to have eight DVDs or games rented at a time for a cost of $222 (paid annually for 14 months) or more moderate customers may want to choose the cheaper plan offering three rentals at a time for $17.25. Other options include four, five, and six at a time rental plans.

It is easy to browse the selections at GamezNFlix and quickly find a sought-after item because both the movies and games are divided into very specific categories and genres. In addition, GamezNFlix provides internal links to categories such as most-rented DVDs and games, most popular, new releases, and suggestions based on a customer’s past rental record. Although it may take three to five days for the DVDs or games to arrive at the customer’s homes, if he or she immediately returns DVDs after watching and maintains a list of choices in their account queue, a movie or game should always be waiting.

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