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Where to Rent DVDs: Best Places Online

Netflix is by far the most popular place to rent DVDs site online. With 25 thousand available titles and rates starting at $11.99 a month, this company gives the most selection for your money. After sign up, they send you 2 – 8 DVDs at a time, depending on your membership plan, and you keep each as long as you like. As soon as you send one back, they send you another DVD off of a list you create. They even build a list of recommendations based on the movies you rent and the ratings you give other movies. Other lists such as “Top 100” and “Critics Picks” make sure you find the best movies out there.

Blockbuster also uses the internet to rent out their videos. Like other online rentals, Blockbuster allows you to keep three movies at your home at a time, charging $17.49 a month, with no due dates or late fees. They even give you two free in-store rentals a month, just for signing up with their online service. With over 25 thousand titles to choose from, Blockbuster is a great choice for online renting, especially if you have access to a local store as well.

More DVD Rentals

Another place you might not expect rent DVDs online is at Wal-Mart. Monthly rates start at $15.54 plus tax for two movies out at a time and reach up to $21.94 plus tax for four movies. Like other services, there is no charge for shipping and no late fees – you can keep the DVDs as long as you like. Plus Wal-Mart gives a whole 30 days to try out their service free of charge, compared to the typical 2 week trial period provided by other businesses.

Clean Films is a relatively new store with only about 1,000 titles, however they offer something the other online rentals do not. They professionally edit profanity, sex, and excessive violence out of their movies, enabling kids to watch the movies they have been dying to see, while leaving the parents with peace of mind about what their children are watching. They have many popular movies in stock such as: 2 Fast 2 Furious, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and 10 Things I Hate About You. CleanFilms provides the best rental choices for concerned parents with young children and teenagers.

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