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RentDVDHere is yet another online site for movie and game rentals. This site offers pretty much the same as all the others. You can rent video games for Play Station 2 and XBox and they offer a wide variety of DVD’s. You can add to your movie or game list at any time and your titles will be on their way. Rentals usually take 2-4 business days to arrive.

They offer 5 different plans to choose from. The prices range from $9.95 a month up to $34.95. One single account or plan lets you have the benefit of both movies and PS2 and Xbox games. They will not tack on any additional fees for renting games with movies. In essence, you are getting the best of both worlds.

If you aren’t pleased with the service or movies, feel free to cancel at any time. You simply go to your account and select the cancel option. One thing to keep in mind, you’re credit card will continue to be charged until your DVDs have been returned.

RentDVDHere Plans

RentDVDHere plans can match what you’re looking for. Whether you rent one DVD a month or six, they have something to help you out. Since RentDVDHere offers both games and movies, you can rent any combination of DVD movies and games. For example, if you signup for a 2D or more plan, you can rent all movies, all games, or one of each. You always get the choice of what YOU want.

The most basic plan starts at $9.95 a month. You will only be able to check out one movie or game at a time. If you are interested in 2 or 4 out at a time then the price ranges from $14.95 to $24.95 a month. Want more?? They do offer a plan that allows you to rent 6 at one time. This is $34.95 and don’t forget you can mix match whatever you like.

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