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The mega-sized, low price superstore Walmart has their own Walmart rental program for DVD movies. With the Walmart name attached, you can be sure that you will get a large selection of video rentals for a low price.

It’s hard to beat the Walmart movie rental prices. While Blockbuster charges $19.95 a month for their service and only lets you rent three movies at a time, Walmart allows you to rent three movies for $18.76 a month. There’s even an option for less frequent renters who only need to rent two movies at a time, for the low rate of $15.54 a month. There’s no shipping and handling, just return the DVD’s in the envelope provided.

With so much buying power, it’s hard to beat Walmart’s selection. You can pretty much bet that they’re going to have any movie you want and that it’s going to be in stock when you order it.

Walmart Rental Service: The Facts

Need a quick rundown of Walmart DVD rental program facts? If you’ve searched the other online rental programs you are probably familiar with the basis of the programs. The same goes for Walmart. They offer over 16,000 titles and many different genres to choose from.

Shipping on both ends is always free and you will never pay late fees. They do offer several different rates depending on the number of DVDs you have sent to you at one time. The prices are low, same as the store itself. One thing they don’t do really well is offer a free trial. You have to actually sign up for a membership before they give it to you. No free in-store coupons like Blockbuster!

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