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Walmart Movie Rental--Adding to the List...

Walmart has long been known as a place where you can get anything, and Walmart movie rental is no exception. With one trip to Walmart, you can get your groceries, pick up school supplies, buy electronic equipment, meet your beauty needs, repair your car, and rent movies. What could be quicker, easier, or more convenient? In small towns, Walmart’s goal to provide everything you could possibly need often becomes more important because other, more specialized stores are harder to find. Regardless of whether Walmart is your only rental option or one of many, it is still worth your while to consider how it competes with movie stores.

Pros and Cons of Walmart Movie Rental

The biggest benefit of Walmart movie rental is its convenience. You will not have to make a separate trip to the movie store if you run out to pick up a few groceries. Walmart movie stores generally follow the same system as other movie stores. Once you sign up for a membership, you are allowed to rent movies. Due dates and late fees still apply, and you can choose who you authorize to use your account and if any of those people are restricted in any way. For example, you can authorize your child to use your account but restrict them from renting movies with any rating above PG.

Probably the biggest divergence from movie stores—and also the greatest disadvantage of Walmart movie rental—is its smaller selection. Typically, even though the Walmart stores themselves are very large, the movie store inside is allotted a very small space. This means that Walmart can stock fewer movies, so the selection is limited to new releases and very popular movies. If you often rent games from your movie store, as well, Walmart will again be unable to meet your needs because most Walmart movie stores offer only movies.

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