Welcome to Game Rental Reviews! If you're reading this, chances are you've rented your fair share of video games. Or maybe you're a newcomer to game rentals just needing some common-sense advice. With so many formats, labels, and types of rental service to choose from, the video game industry has never been more fragmented. Even experienced gamers need a little help to get the best value for their rental bucks. And that's where we come in!

Here at Game Rental Reviews, well be your guide as you sort through the dozens of game rental options. A few years ago, renting a video game meant a trip to your neighborhood video store. Now the field has expanded to include online game rental sites like GameZnFlix and NetFlix. And as video giants like Blockbuster and Hollywood Video are experiencing flat or declining game rental business, these new online games sources are growing by leaps and bounds. So what's the deal? Have consumers discovered a low-priced, more reliable source for renting video games? If you've rented from online sources in the past, let us know what you think!

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As you browse our Game Rental Reviews, ask yourself this question. . .how much do you spend every year on video game rentals? Is it more than $100.00? More than $500.00? The more you spend every year, the more you need our Game Rental Reviews. We're on your side, to make sure you get the best value and service each time you rent a new video game!

Who knows where the video game industry is heading in the future? Better graphics for sure! But what about your basic rental options? Will the neighborhood video store become a relic of the past? Is the game rental industry moving more and more to online sites, and how will that affect consumers? We want your feedback so we can share the best comments and suggestions on this site. That why all of us can benefit as we work to make game rentals better for everyone!

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