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The guys over at AngelGamer have a decent service. They offer video game rentals of the hot games at a fair price. The quick info is that there are better options available. Read on for the details.

The Angel Gamer rental service works much like the other game rental services. You select several games that you'd like to rent and Angelgamer sends them to you as their inventory allows. Based in Austin, TX, Angelgamer claims to have about 700 titles in stock. That's enough to keep any gamer in good shape for a long time.

AngelGamer Game Rental Pricing

Pricing for AngelGamer is $15 per month to rent 1 video game at a time. You can get 2 video game rentals at a time for $20/month. Postage is paid by the AngleGamer guys.

All in all, not a bad service but there are better options. Check out GameFly for a larger selection. For both a big selection and a better price, try GameznFlix. GamesznFlix also offers the added bonus of DVD movie rentals and they're the only major outlet that serves up both games and dvds for the same low rate.

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