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Finally, Game Rental Including GameBoy Advance

So you’re a gamer and you have looked at the big rental sites and haven’t found games for your handheld device. Fret no more; you have options. Choose from thousands of titles, browse by category, release date and name. Your GBA will no longer have to rent from the local video store to get the latest, most popular games.

Depending on which site you go with, the number of rentals will be from 1-5 and the price usually goes up significantly from the base membership prices. There are several sites that have single rentals (by single, I mean that you can only have one game out at a time) for around twenty dollars per month. Two and more go up from there to somewhere around thirty-five dollars topping out at around five games. So depending on your budget, you can stay stocked for a long time.

Support for all the sites is going to be basically the same. Go to the ‘your account’ area and try out the FAQ page or the contact link that will send you to an email form where you can ask a specific question or call the company via an 800 number.

The Gameboy Advance Game Rental Catch

Here’s the catch. (Yes, there’s a catch). Since handheld games are not in as much demand as DVD’s and the normal console games, you won’t find Gameboy Advance games in every online rental store that pops up, but you will find them if you look in the right places. Not only will you find hundreds of titles for your GBA, but you have the chance to add upcoming releases to your queue (the list of games you sign up for to get sent to you as you send them back).

The next catch is that you are going to pay a little bit more than you would for other forms of media and for what you pay for say three DVD’s, you’ll pay about the same price for one GBA game. It’s not a great deal, but when you figure the price that you pay for a few rentals a few times a week, $20 doesn’t seem like such a bad bargain.

For the most part, you will find that GBA game rental is similar to the other DVD and game movie sites, but the prices will be a bit higher.

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