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The Benefits of GameLender

If you love playing video games, GameLender could be just what you are looking for but never knew existed. As technology, especially concerning the Internet, continues to develop, companies expand their business and revamp the way they operate to better meet consumers’ needs and demands. One example of this is the emergence of online game rentals. Although it has long been possible to shop and make purchases via the web, online rentals have only recently become a competitive force in the rental market. Now, it is easier to find, rent, and return the games you want without ever having to leave your home.

GameLender: The Details

GameLender is basically a monthly game subscription service that gives you access to an unlimited number of game rentals. Its greatest benefits are that it offers no due dates and no late fees. This means that once you rent a game, you can keep it and play it as long as you want without worrying about returning it at an inopportune time.

GameLender boasts a selection of over 6,000 games for a variety of systems, including XBox, PS2, Gamecube, and Playstation, as well as Legacy systems, like Genesis, SNES, and NES. Although the normal package is two games allowed out a time for $19.99, there are two additional packages: 3 games for $24.99 and 5 for $34.99. These prices tend to be some of the cheapest for online game rentals, and the fact that they offer games for the Legacy systems is a huge plus because many other online rental companies do not stock those games.

So, if you are interested in the possibility of unlimited game rentals, no due dates, no late fees, and an amazing selection of titles, check out GameLender and see if it works for you. If you sometimes want to buy games, GameLender can meet this need, as well, because they have both a rent and buy option on the website. Check it out and start playing today.

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