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Consider Gamerang

Gamerang, like many other online game rental companies, gives customers the opportunity to rent video games online, receive and return them by mail, and pay no late fees. Because it offers no due dates, members can keep the games as long as they like, as well as enjoy unlimited rentals. All of this is included in the low monthly subscription price and has really revolutionized video game rental. Because the distribution centers are often larger than typical video or game stores, the selection is much bigger, giving members access to a greater number of titles.

Gamerang Meeting Consumers' Demands

Gamerang is a large and still growing online game rental company that is striving to meet consumers’ needs and demands by continually improving their product and service. There are currently three distribution centers spread out across the country—in California, New Jersey, and Oklahoma—so delivery is fast and reliable. In fact, about fifty percent of members receive their games with next-day delivery service. To provide better delivery times to even more customers, two new distribution centers are being added in Minnesota and Washington State.

The prices for Gamerang are $14.95 for one game out at a time, $19.95 for 2 games, $27.80 for 3, and $34.95 for 4. In addition to fast delivery, low prices, and a large selection of titles, Gamerang also features in-depth game reviews on their site. This not only helps players decide if they want to try a game, but it also helps parents choose appropriate games for their children.

Gamerang is a no-risk venture because they offer a ten-day free trial period so that you can test out their product and service. If you are satisfied, your subscription (the rate plan you selected) will automatically be continued and your credit card will be billed. However, if you decide that Gamerang is not for you, simply cancel before the trial period ends and you will not receive any charges.

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