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GameZnFlix Game Rentals

A lot of gamers know about GameFly and their video game rental options but GameZnFlix might be a new name to some. They've been around since 2003 but have been taking their time to build up with their main focus being on dvd rentals until recently.

A growing inventory of games for PS2, XBox and GameCube have brought GameZnFlix into full contention for title of best video game rental service. Let's take a look at how they stack up.

The Best Game Rental Club?

To be the best game rental club, you'd need to offer a great selection. GameZnFlix makes the cut with thousands of titles.

You'd also need a good price. At press time for this article, GameZnFlix was about 30-50% lower than the competition. Yep, that much lower for a comparable plan.

Anything else? You bet!

GameZnFlix is the only major player that offers movie rental for the same low price. So get a few games but grab a DVD whenever the mood strikes you. You can get palns that let you have out as many as 8 at a time. And there's no extra charge for mixing game rentals with DVD rentals. How cool is that!

In the end, GameZnFlix makes the most sense for anyone wanting to rent video games online. They even make it easy to try with a no-obligation 2 week free trial of their service.

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