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Renting GPlay Games

With over 2,300 GPlay games available, how do you find the one for you? It's easy. GPlay lets you search their selection by a number of ways including title, game system and/or game category. The game categories include Action and Adventure, Driving and Racing, Children's games, Fighting games, Role-Playing games, Sports games, and more. GPlay games also include the newest releases on the video game market and a look into games that are not available for rental yet. With so many categories and games, GPlay is sure to have just the game to fit your mood. In addition to all of these great features to help you with your choice, GPlay also gives you customized recommendations of games to rent based on your account information, such as games that you have rented previously.

Learning About Your GPlay Game

When browsing the selection of Gplay games, how do you know what each game is about? With over 2,300 games, there is a very high chance that there will be some that you may have never heard of before. GPlay takes that into account and offers you detailed information on each game in their system. By clicking on the game icon, you gain access to information such as a detailed summary of the game complete with game guides that include additional storylines, hints, tips, and walkthroughs. You are also provided with screenshots and images from the game so that you know what the graphics of the game look like. There is also a generic information link that provides information on the publisher, age rating, game system, genre, and the release date.

In addition to these features, GPlay also gives you access to ratings on the game, so that you can see what other gamers like yourself and critics thought about the game before you rent it. These ratings not only include the number of stars that the game received, with five being the best, but also comments from the people that rated them. This helps you to learn what makes the game so good or so bad as the case may be. You also have the opportunity to rate the games that you rent so that you can let other GPlay games users know what you think.

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