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Gplay Rental Is Meeting the Challenge

For those who follow the current trends in video games and technology, Gplay rental is no surprise. In recent times, numerous online rental companies have emerged, offering DVDs or games, or both. Gplay is one of these new companies that focuses on game rentals—it offers unlimited rentals that customers can keep for as long as they want for a monthly subscription price of $19.95. Although its selection is rather large—2,400 games— Gplay has to offer something different in order to compete with the other online rental services. This innovative company has met this challenge in more than one way.

The Benefits of Gplay Rental Over Others

There are two main benefits of Gplay rental that give this company an edge over others. The first one is a profitable free magazine subscription for customers. Once someone subscribes to Gplay’s monthly service, he or she will receive 12 issues of one of the following video game magazines: Electronic Gaming Monthly, Sync, or FHM. This is one offer that most other online rental services have yet to match.

A second benefit of Gplay is that it provides more game information than is normally offered. As customers browse through Gplay’s selection, they can see game information, screenshots, and even game guides that provide helpful hints and tips. They can also access member ratings and reviews for games, along with critic reviews. All of this information helps a discerning customer choose the best games that they are most likely to enjoy.

A third benefit is not unique to Gplay, but it nevertheless makes the Gplay service more user-friendly and easy to navigate. Customers can choose between three different ways of searching for games: by title, by game system, or by game category. With all these options and benefits, serious gamers ought to give Gplay a try to eliminate late fees and due dates forever.

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