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Become a Gplay Video Games Affiliate

Have you already made the decision that the GPlay video games system is for you? Are you very pleased with the service that you receive? Then you can join the GPlay Affiliate Program. The affiliate program enables GPlay users to earn money by telling their friends about GPlay. For every friend that you get to sign up, you can earn money. So tell your friends about GPlay video games today!

Pros and Cons of GPlay Video Games

Trying to decide whether or not to purchase the GPlay video games plan? There are many aspects of the system to consider; and weighing the pros and cons of a situation is normally a fairly affective way of making decisions.

There are several pros to GPlay. These include the game guides complete with hints, additional storylines, and walkthroughs, a well-designed easy to follow website, a free trial, games for multiple gaming systems, a rating system, and links to reviews. Another pro from this system of renting is that you do not have to pay shipping. It is covered by the prepaid envelopes that GPlay mails the games to you in. They give you these envelopes to mail the games back in as well.

However, there are also several cons to the GPlay video games system. The wait list is fairly long for popular and newly released games however. This is mainly because GPlay does not keep very many copies of the games that they rent. In order to remedy this, you should make sure that you have numerous games listed in your queue in order to ensure that one of the games that you have listed will be available. Another problem has to do with the time it takes to receive the games through the mail. GPlay only has one distribution center, in Oakland, California. This can result in waiting several days to receive you game, especially if you live on the East Coast.

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