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Rent Gplay: The New Way to Rent

If you love to play video games and are tired of late fees and due dates, you need to rent Gplay. Gplay is a new online rental company that follows in the footsteps of established online rental giants like Netflix but focuses on games instead of DVDs. Anyone who plays video games and is part of the gaming community knows that there is a huge market out there for game rentals—and these eager customers are just waiting for something like Gplay to come along and revolutionize the game rental system. Take a look at all the benefits Gplay has to offer.

Why You Should Rent Gplay

The first reason you should rent Gplay is to take advantage of its 10-day free trial. Why not rent a game for free, even if you are only investigating the service? After providing a login name and password, valid address, and credit card (just to verify the address), you can choose a game, have it shipped to your house for free, keep it for as long as you like during the ten-day trial period, and return it in the provided postage-paid envelope. If you decide the service is not what you want, you can easily cancel at no cost to you. If you decide you like Gplay, your subscription will continue without you having to do anything at all.

A monthly Gplay subscription costs only $19.95 for unlimited rentals that have no due date or late fees. You can check out two at a time, as well as maintain a list in your game queue so that upon returning one, another will immediately be shipped to you. Gplay offers a selection of over 2,400 games for Playstation2, XBox, Game cube, or Gameboy Advance. For all the advantages that Gplay can offer the video game lover, why not give Gplay a try?

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