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Internet Game Rental--Endless Options

Probably due in part to the extreme popularity and success of Netflix, Internet game rental has become almost as common as online DVD rental. The offer of unlimited rentals—all arriving at your front door—with free shipping, no late fees, and no due dates makes the option of using the Internet for game rentals one that many people want to try. And now, with all the free trial periods offered by most companies, potential customers can try out the services and compare the pros and cons without the risk of committing.

Choices for Internet Game Rental

For someone considering Internet game rental, there are numerous choices available. GamezNFlix is probably one of the largest and most well-known game rental companies, and it has the benefit of offering DVDs and games, allowing customers to rent both with only one monthly subscription. It offers a selection of 28,000 games and DVDs and has one of the lowest monthly rates—only $17.25 per month for three rentals at a time.

Another option is Gamefly. For $22 per month, customers can receive two rentals at a time for four different gaming systems. It has a selection of 5,000 games, and also offers customers the option to buy or keep the pre-played games for low prices. Even non-subscribers have the option to buy these pre-played games.

Player’s Choice offers both games and DVDs for a combined selection of 8,000 titles. Its monthly rate is $19.95 per month for two rentals at a time. Generally, games have next day delivery. A fourth option is Gplay. Although Gplay’s selection is slightly smaller than some of the others, its price is comparable ($19.95/month) and it has the added benefit of giving subscribers a free 12-month subscription to one of three popular gaming magazines. So, try them out, compare them, weigh the pros and cons and then decide—it is almost certain one will have what you want.

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