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Online Game Rental: The Reason

The online game rental market is experiencing great success because of one thing in particular: no due dates or late fees. Everyone knows that due dates and late fees are the worst thing about renting movies because whether you wait until the last minute to watch the movie or just forget to return it after you are finished, late fees can really add up and make movie rentals a serious expense.

If this is true for movie rentals, how much more relevant is it for game rentals? Game renters, as a rule, generally like to keep games for a lengthy period of time because unlike most movies that you only watch once, games can be and are played over and over again. How convenient to rent a game, play it as often as you like and return it when you are ready without paying late fees…

Options for Online Game Rental

Because of the growing demand for online game rental, numerous Internet companies have emerged that offer this service for low, monthly subscription fees. Most of these companies have a very large selection of games, often about five times larger than you would find in traditional movie stores. They offer games for a variety of systems, including Playstation2, XBox, Nintendo Gamecube, and others.

Perhaps the biggest company for online game rentals is GamezNFlix, which, together with its DVD offerings, boasts a selection of 28,000 titles. Its prices are quite possibly the lowest in the market, with the standard three titles out at a time plan costing only $17.25 per month. Gamefly is another good option, although it is much smaller and focuses only on games. It offers a selection of 5,000 titles, and its standard two at a time plan costs $22 per month. However, it also offers the additional benefit of being able to buy games that you like for low, pre-played game prices.

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