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Online Video Game Rental Really Saves!

Online video game rental really saves! Especially if you're been spending your hard-earned game bucks at Blockbuster all these years. Sure, Blockbuster has a nice selection of games, but there's a problem. Both Blockbuster and Hollywood Video charge nearly $4.00 to rent each game. . .even if you only want to keep it for one night Rent three games a week and that's $12.00. Go through 12 games a month and you're looking at $48.00! And that doesn't even include those late fees! Is it any wonder that people are looking for a better deal!

That's why our staff at Rental Reviews has been excited by the emergence of online video game rental sites. We love renting games, too, but we don't love paying the inflated prices that the video stores charge! So we decided to check out the two most popular online game rental sites. . .GameZnFlix and NetFlix. Both are attracting thousands of new customers every week with their high-profile marketing campaigns. GameZnFlix has even hired former "Dell Dude" Ben Curtis to be their company spokesman. So read on for our verdict on GameSnFlix and NetFlix.

Want to Know More about Online Video Game Rental?

Do you want to know more about online video game rental? Well, to start with, both GameZnFlix and NetFlix are on the right track by elminating those nasty late fees! Now there's something nobody's gonna miss! Both of these sites also offer new members a free two-week trial period, and you can cancel anytime! But there are differences between the two sites. . .just enough for us to give the edge to GameZnFlix!

For starters, GameZnFlix has a bigger selection of games (and DVDs) than their rival. You can pick games for all the popular systems including Playstation 2, Game Cube, XBOX, and more! But GameZnFlix also charges less for their basis membership play, which costs only $18.50. Netflix charges $21.99 for their membership. Add it up and that's $48.00 a year you can save with GameZnFlix. . .not exactly small change. We all love video games, but we love saving money too! That's why we recommend GameZnFlix!

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