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Video Game Rental Advice!

Looking for some video game rental advice? At Rental Reviews, we're rented our share of video games so we can pass on the best bargains to you! Since the introduction of video games in the 80's, customers who wanted to rent their games had one major choice. . .their neighborhood video store. But now online rental sites have arrived, and their popularity is growing every month! So if you're unhappy with the prices and late fees at stores like Blockbuster and Hollywood Video, here's how you can rent your games and save!

For years now, the problem with renting games at stores like Blockbuster has been obvious. Even if you only want a game for one night, you have to pay nearly $4.00 and keep it for several days. And woe be to the renter who returns his game late! We all know what's waiting for him. . .those infamous late fees! Is it any wonder that people have been looking for a better deal?

Here's Our Video Game Rental Advice!

Read on for some more video game rental advice! Thanks to online rental sites like GameZnFlix and NetFlix, those ugly late fees are now a thing of the past. Thousands of renters are saying bye bye to Blockbuster and going online to get their video games. And to make their online programs really irresistible, both GameZnFlix and NetFlix offer a two week free trial! Is it any wonder that Blockbuster is running scared? The company is now touting its $24.99 membership program as a response to GameZnFlix and NetFlix, but these online sites still come out ahead!

So which one should you go with. . .GameZnFlicks or NetFlix? Both of them are cheaper than the Blockbuster membership club, but GameZnFlix is the best overall deal. After the two-week free trial, you pay $18.50 a month for their plan. That's almost $48.00 a year less than the Netflix deal, which charges $21.99 a month for the same number of video games (or DVDs). Also GameZnFlix has a wider selection of games than NetFlix, offering all the best titles for XBOX, Playstation 2, Game Cube, and other systems.

Our verdict? If you love renting video games, surf over to and sign up for their trial membership! Then write us here at Rental Reviews with your feedback!

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