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The Perfect Bonus: A Las Vegas Hotel Discount

If you are planning a vacation trip to Las Vegas, your first obligation is finding a place to stay--and if you are lucky, you will also find a lucrative Las Vegas hotel discount. In Las Vegas, the options for accommodations are as numerous and as varied as you could imagine, but in most cases the cost of the perfect hotel is not so perfect. Las Vegas is famous for its fun nightlife and amazing casinos and hotels, but it is not usually cited as a place for people on a budget. However, with a little determination and a few helpful hints, you can be one of the smart few who end up with those sought after discounts.

How to Score a Las Vegas Hotel Discount

There is more than one way to get a Las Vegas Hotel Discount. One of your easiest options is to make a reservation for your room online at the hotel’s website. Because this saves the hotel staff the time of scheduling your room over the phone, the hotel often rewards your self-sufficiency with a discount—some bigger than others.

Another way of getting a discount takes a little forethought, but it is just as easy as reserving a room online. If you reserve your room far in advance of the actual dates of your trip, many hotels offer bargain deals and lucrative discounts. This option is especially important if you are planning a trip in a peak vacation time. As it gets closer and closer to the peak season, the rooms get more and more scarce and vacationers get increasingly desperate, so the savvy hotel can charge the frantic traveler much more than the normal rate.

A third option is to utilize the online vacation planning services that claim to find you the best deals on everything from airline tickets to hotel rooms. These online companies often offer discounts to loyal customers who repeatedly use their site, thereby giving you one more way to obtain a discount. Ultimately, if you are willing to put in some work, expend some energy, and search around, the odds of finding a hotel discount are in your favor.

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