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Cell Phones

Cell Phones are an essential part of today’s fast paced and communication driven world. They enable constant contact between friends, family, and business associates and allow a person at a mall in Salt Lake City, Utah to simultaneously attend a business meeting in New York City.

Cell phones differ from land-line phones in a number of different ways including the technology and the method of payment that they use. Land-line telephone companies send a monthly bill, and as long as the bill is paid, you may call as many local numbers as you wish. There is an option called area calling that is offered by many land-line companies that enables you to call within a specific area outside of your local area for no extra charge. In general however, long distance is handled by a separate company. With mobile phones, a contract is signed by you when you buy your phone. The contract is for a set time, usually around a year, and allows you so many minutes a month to use your phone. Some companies only apply these restricted minutes to daytime hours and allow minutes after a certain hour at night to be free. Long distance also depends on the company. Some companies have nationwide networks and do not charge long distance. However, some companies who do not have nationwide networks charge for “roaming” or using another company’s network to complete your call.

Cell Phone Rental Possibilities

Going out of town on a business trip and wishing that you had a cell phone so that you could keep in touch? There’s no need to go purchase a cell phone and sign yourself into a lengthy contract that you know you will not use after your trip; you can simply get a cell phone rental. Rental phones are available in almost as many brands with as many features as a phone that you would purchase under a contract.

Rental phones are also useful if you are traveling overseas. Overseas mobile phones work on both a different network and at a different frequency than American mobile phones. Therefore, a rental phone is necessary in order to freely communicate over the wireless network from anywhere else in the world.

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