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Cell Phone Rentals: Usage in France

If you plan to purchase cell phone rentals in France, you might find it interesting that the same rental phone and plan will work in numerous other countries throughout Europe. This is extremely convienent if you are planning to take day trips to other parts of the continent during your stay in France. You can travel to Spain, for example, and still be able to keep in touch using the same phone. This would not be the case if you were travelling from the United States to Canada. How is this possible? Most countries, other than the United States, have cellular phones that operate off of a global network. This network allows phones that are purchased in one country to operate in many others. This is extremely important to people in Europe because travel from one country to another is such a frequent event.

International Cell Phone Rentals in France

Operating on the global cellular network means, however, that any of the cell phone rentals in France that you purchase are likely to have a phone number from the United Kingdom. Nearly all rental phones that are purchased throughout the continent use numbers from this area. The down side of this method however, is that phone calls from areas other than the United Kingdom to your rental phone will be long distance for the person who is calling. There are numerous ways around this however, including call back services.

Depending on how often you travel to France or other parts of Europe, you might find it useful to purchase a phone that will operate on the global network and rent a SIM card and prepaid airtime when you travel. Phones that operate on this network also operate at a different frequency than cellular phones within the United States so you should be careful about the phone that you purchase. It is possible to purchase a phone that works on both networks and at each different frequency but they are very expensive.

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