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Costa Rica Cell Phones Details

If you are looking to travel on a business venture or a tropical get away vacation, you might be in the market for Costa Rica cell phones. Most Costa Rica service providers offer the very best and most technological advanced phones available. Some brands of phones that are available for renting are Nokia and Motorola, among others. Many companies even allow you to request specific brand on your reservation form, however not all of them can guarantee that you will receive the brand of phone that you would like. Some types of phones that are available for no extra charge even include camera phones.

Costa Rica Cell Phone Features

In addition to getting the latest models of phones, you can also receive all of the latest features with your Costa Rica cell phones. Each phone that is rented comes complete with caller ID and voicemail. The phones do not feature call waiting. Instead any incoming calls that are received while you are on the phone are sent directly to your voicemail. In addition, you can program your voicemail in either English or Spanish. The display on your phone, however, has a default set on English. There are several languages available though and having the one you want displayed is not difficult. Many service providers have a space on the reservation form for you to mention any changes like this that you would like have made to the default features of a phone.

For many service providers, the reservation form is very simple to complete. The usual contact information, such as your address and daytime phone number, is required. In addition, the form requires your email address. It also asks that you specify how you will use the phone, i.e. for international calls or for calls within Costa Rica only. The form also asks for you to enter the dates that you will need the phone and the brand of phone that you would prefer. If you are asking for the phone to be delivered to you once you are in the country, you will also need to include your flight or hotel information.

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