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International Cellular Phone Rental

Due to the fact that the majority of mobile phones in the United States do not work abroad, if you are intending on traveling overseas you might want to check out an international cellular phone rental. Most cell phones that are produced and sold in North America operate at a different frequency and on a different network than cell phones in the rest of the world. These frequencies and networks are not compatible; therefore in most cases if you want to travel overseas and still maintain the ability to keep in contact with your friends and family while on the road, a second cell phone is needed. Renting is a less expensive way to accomplish this.

How an International Cellular Phone Rental Works

An international cellular phone rental works by enabling you to use a phone for the period of time that you are abroad without actually having to purchase a phone. You can pay a less expensive rental fee for the phone and a fee for the amount of minutes that you use instead of purchasing the phone and signing a lengthy and binding contract. The most state of the art phones are available for rental and you can easily find the right rental plan to suit your needs. In addition, many phones are compatible with SIM cards from many different service providers so that just by transferring your card, you can use your same phone number and access your address book with your rented phone. You just have to make sure that the phone that you rent is set to the unlocked mode.

The international cellular network is known as the GSM network. This network is operational in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Pacific Rim, which includes Australia. In total, there are over 200 countries that you can communicate over the GSM network while visiting. They also operate on a 900 or 1800 Hz. frequency overseas and a 1900 Hz. frequency in North America. Some phones are available that are GSM compatible and that can switch back and forth between the frequencies for use in either country. These phones are more expensive and are only recommended for those who spend a good amount of time overseas.

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