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What is an International Phone Rental?

If you are planning a trip out of the country, and more specifically overseas, you might want to check on an international phone rental. Why, you ask? Well, because if you are planning on keeping in touch with your loved ones back home you should be aware that your cell phone probably won't have service at your destination. That’s not any cause for worry however because you can rent cell phones in over 200 countries around the world. There are many different companies that have international phone rentals such as International Cellular Services (ICS), Cellhire USA, WorldCell, and Rent-A-Phone. Several popular phone companies within the United States also have international cell phones that are different from the plan you may already have. Verizon Globalroam and Nextel International are both international phone rental plans.

What is Included in an International Phone Rental?

What is included in an international phone rental varies from company to company. Generally, however, a phone rental includes a phone handset by Motorola, Nokia, or another name brand manufacturer, voicemail, batteries, both an AC and an in-car charger, instruction booklet, and a travel adapter for European outlets. Some cell phones also include a maintenance service and/ore technical support.

In addition to these options, some rental companies also have the ability to provide you with a satellite phone rental. This type of phone can be used anywhere in the world, even places where there is little or no cellular coverage. However, though they have the capability to work in every country they are not licensed for every country. Contact a satellite phone provider to learn if they will work at your destination. These phones are often adapted to have fax and data transmission capabilities in addition to voice transmission. Another feature of satellite phones is that solar panels are available for charging purposes in remote locations. In addition, there is no charge for incoming calls. With so many options available you can find an international phone rental to suit your needs no matter your destination.

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