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How an Overseas Phone Rental Works

If you are planning a trip overseas anytime soon, you might be in need of an overseas phone rental. This is because many overseas countries such as France, China, Australia, and others do support cell phones from North America. These countries, along with many others, operate on the Global Services for Mobile (GSM) Network and a cell phone that is based in one country on this network will work in the other countries on the network as well. The GSM Network was first adopted in Europe but has since spread throughout Asia, Africa, the Pacific Rim (Australia, New Zealand, etc.), and is beginning to travel into South America.

Service Options with an Overseas Phone Rental

Overseas cell phones all require a Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) card to be able to operate. The complicated circuitry in this card stores the information about the services that are available to you as a user. This SIM card enables the network to recognize you and also stores important information including your phone number and the numbers in your phone book. Therefore, when you purchase an overseas phone rental, the phone is really just a shell of what you are really buying. The important aspect of the phone is the SIM card. These cards are available on a contract basis where, like with phones in the United States, you sign a contract and receive a bill every month and a prepaid basis where you buy airtime as you need it.

With prepaid service, you are always in control of how much you spend. Some people say that is makes budgeting much easier than with a contract service. There are no monthly bills and you decided ahead of time how much time you will spend on the phone. When using prepaid service you can avoid the hassles of roaming charges and hotel surcharges. Prepaid services also include the traditional services such as caller ID and voice mail. Other premium services may be available for an additional fee based on your provider.

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