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Prepaid Cell Phones

If you are a wireless phone user who is looking for a less expensive way to use your mobile phone, then prepaid cell phones are an excellent option for you to consider. Prepaid phones allow you the user to control exactly how much time and money you spend on your cellular phone.

Features of Prepaid Cell Phones

Prepaid cell phones offer you all the advantages of the ordinary yearly contract plans like free long-distance, free shipping of the phone, free activation, and nationwide service. They do this while providing you with the same state of the art phones that are available with contract plans. In addition, they do away with that awful feeling that you may experience every month when you receive your bill and notice all the wasted minutes that you have lost. Also, minutes are extremely easy to purchase as you need them and if at any time if you decide that you want to stop using your prepaid phone, all that you have to do is stop buying the minutes. There is no contract to get out of and no certain amount of money that you must spend. Many prepaid companies will let you purchase minutes from your cell phone by dialing an 800 number. In many cases, the number is the same one that you can use to check the minute balance on your phone.

There are prepaid cell phones available that are compatible with the landline, analog, and digital phone networks. They also come with a variety of accessories such as car adaptors, travel chargers, and additional cell phone batteries. Some companies may even include a leather case or a hands free kit. In addition, many companies have special offers where you can receive additional minutes for free when you purchase your first group of minutes. Ask the service provider about any deals that they may have.

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