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No Contract Cell Phone Plans

For customers who only use their mobile phones for the purposes of emergencies, no contract cell phone plans might be just what the doctor ordered. These plans allow you, as the user, to decide exactly how much time and money that you want to spend on your cellular phone every month. Also, because there is no contract involved you can stop using your phone altogether anytime that you want.

How No Contract Cell Phone Plans Operate

No contract cell phone plans work on the same basis as long distance phone calls. You purchase the minutes before you use them. The only key difference is that many mobile phone service providers place a time limit on their airtime. Depending on how much airtime you purchase at a given time, your minutes may expire after anywhere from a week to a month. You may purchase them however as often as you would like to. In addition, to stop using the phone all you have to do is stop purchasing the minutes. Most service providers turn off your phone if you go a certain period of time, usually a few months, without purchasing airtime. It is possible to activate your account again in the future if this happens. Some service providers simply require you to call and request to reactivate your account while others make you pay a reactivation fee..

Purchasing minutes could not be simpler. There are two methods to buy airtime. To use the first method, you simply call a toll free number from your phone and use a credit card to pay for the airtime. You can also purchase airtime directly from your service provider and from many gas stations. When you buy airtime in this fashion you are given a card or receipt with a user number on it. Then you simply call the same toll free telephone number and enter the user number to activate your minutes.

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