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Pre Paid Wireless Phones

For a customer to use pre paid wireless phones, they will need a cellular phone, a service provider, and pre paid minutes. Depending on which service provider the customer uses, the customer has the option of either purchasing a new phone or using a phone that they already own. This is possible through the use of SIM cards. SIM cards are the brain of you phone. They contain all of the information for you phone you’re your address book to your own phone number. These cards also keep track of how many minutes you have left available.

Characteristics of Pre Paid Wireless Phones

Pre paid wireless phones operate much like pre paid long distance calling cards that are offered by many phone companies for land line phones. Pre paid phones are purchased with a specific number of minutes already loaded into the phone. Once these minutes are used, you must purchase additional minutes by either dialing a toll free number from your phone and using a credit card or going to the service provider. In addition to service providers, many gas stations also have the capabilities to sell pre paid minutes. If you purchase minutes from either of these locations you will still have to dial the toll free number. However, with this case you will have to enter a user’s number that you were given to activate the minutes that you’ve already purchased. These purchased minutes are then added to your account and are deducted accordingly when you make and receive calls on your phone.

You can use the minutes that are on pre paid wireless phones anytime you like. With pre paid phones there is no such thing as anytime or free minutes. However most pre paid service providers place a time limit on their minutes. You must use the minutes that you purchase within a certain time limit or you will lose them. Depending on the amount of minutes that you purchase this time lime varies but is usually between 30 and 60 days. Once your minutes expire, you will be unable to use your phone until you purchase additional minutes.

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