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Info on Pre Pay Cell Phones

If you are tired of worrying about contract terms, counting minutes, wasting money on unused minutes some months, and paying overage charges during other months, then pre pay cell phones might be just what you are looking for. Pre pay mobile phones combine all of the advantages of contracted phones with none of the setbacks. These pre pay phones work much like the long distance pre paid telephone cards that are used for land line phones. You purchase the airtime as you would like to use it. There is no set limit to how much airtime or how little airtime you can use a month. Therefore you are in complete control over how much money and time you spend on your phone per month.

Two Main Advantages to Pre Pay Cell Phones

The biggest advantage that customers see to pre pay cell phones is the fact that there is no certain amount of minutes that you must use a month. Some service providers do put a time limit on their airtime. This time limit can depend on the amount of minutes that you purchase. The more airtime that you purchase, the longer you have before your time expires. However, you still have control over the amount of airtime that you purchase and any money that might be wasted because of left over minutes is no where near comparable to the amount wasted by contract plans.

In addition, you do not have to be concerned about overage charges. When your phone is running low on minutes, a recorded message on your phone informs you of this fact. Also, when your phone is completely out of minutes, it simply does not allow you to make any outgoing calls. However, some service providers allow their users to still use their phones to dial 9-1-1 in cases off emergency even if they do not have any minutes left. To restore your phone, you simply purchase more minutes.

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