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Information on Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

Prepaid cell phone plans offer many special services that many customers find very appealing. Some of these services include no monthly fees, no credit checks, and no deposits. These phone plans are paid in advance so you are in complete control of exactly how much you spend each month on your cell phone. These plans offer a no hassle approach to cell phone usage with no worry about what time of the day and how much time you spend talking on your cellular phone.

Prepaid Cell Phone Plan Options and Features

Prepaid cell phone plans come complete with a phone so that you can start talking on your cell phone immediately. They also include a SIM phone card to contain all of your information for your phone. This card also keeps track of how many minutes that you have left on your prepaid plan. In some special cases, the service provider might even include additional minutes the first time that you use your phone.

Though most prepaid cell phone plans offer mainly a pay as you go type service, however depending on the service provider the prepaid plan can vary depending on how often you use your phone. One service provider offers three separate prepaid services. One for customers who use their phones on a regular basis, one for customers who only use their phones occasionally, and offers prepaid IM, email, and text messaging together in one package. These different plans each offer a different amount of minutes in their packages. These minutes do expire, and, depending on which package you purchase and how many minutes are included in that package, you will have different time limits before they expire. The different package options allow you as a user to choose which package fits you so that you can avoid wasting minutes and money. In addition, because they are still prepaid minutes, even though they are packaged, you do not have the opportunity to exceed your allowed minutes.

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