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Prepaid Cell Phone Service Plans

Although all prepaid cell phone service plans operate on the same idea of a no contract system where you, as the consumer, have complete control over how much time and money you spend on your phone, they can differ from one service provider to another in the way that these plans are implemented. In every instance, a mobile phone from the service provider must be purchased.

Types of Prepaid Cell Phone Service

Some prepaid cell phone service plans are very similar to purchasing long distance phone cards. You pay for the service in advance when you purchase your airtime minutes. The SIM card inside your phone keeps track of the amount of minutes that you talk on your phone and subtracts from your total accordingly. Once you use all of your airtime and this number equals zero, you can no longer use your phone until you purchase some additional minutes. However, most service providers provide one exception. If you use one of these specific providers, you will always be able to dial emergency numbers such as 9-1-1. These service plans does not require applications, credit checks, contracts, or monthly bills.

You can purchase additional minutes for a prepaid cell phone service plan either by calling a toll free number and charging the cost to a credit card or by purchasing them from the service provider’s store. Many gas stations also sell prepaid cell phone minutes. If this option for payment is chosen, you will be given a ticket with a user number on it. You then must call the same toll free number that you would use to purchase minutes and enter the user number. Once you have completed this call, additional minutes will be added to your phones. Some service providers put timelines on their airtime. In other words, if you do not use all of your minutes in a specific amount of time you lose them and will have to purchase additional airtime before you can use your phone again.

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