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Prepaid Cell Phones Plans and Their Options

You keep hearing about these prepaid cell phones plans, but how exactly are they different from regular cell phone plans? With a regular plan, you have to pay a set monthly bill, no matter how many of your minutes you use. With many companies, if you don’t use all of your allotted minutes, they expire at the end of each month. Also, if you go over your allotted minutes, the prices go up astronomically – making it easy to spend much more than you can afford on your phone bill. To see how many minutes you have left, most companies make you call in and request the information, which also uses up minutes. Tracfone gets rid of all these hassles and makes it easy and cheaper to own a cell phone.

Tracfone’s Prepaid Cell Phones Plans

So how does Tracfone’s prepaid cell phones plans work? After purchasing your phone, you buy a calling card that gives you a set amount of minutes to use. When you run low or run completely out, you can buy a new card and any remaining minutes in your account roll over to your new balance. Minutes never expire as long as you keep an active account. The phone displays how many minutes you have used and how many you have left. It even alerts you when you have only ten minutes left so you can plan ahead to buy more minutes for that month if you need them.

The Tracfone Prepaid Cell Phone comes with everything you need to get started. There are no hidden fees to pay. With your new phone, you also get a battery and a charger. It also includes 60 days of active service and up to 20 minutes of starter airtime. There are no relocation or cancellation fees, and if you are not satisfied with your phone, you can return it within 30 days for a refund. With all these features, you may never go back to regular cell phone service again.

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