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Prepaid Cell Phones: Calling Canada

For people with prepaid cell phones, Canada calls can be surprisingly inexpensive. Regular plans only cover areas within the United States. A call to anywhere else will cost you much more than your regular rates, and even when you call within the States, if you go over your allotted minutes, the phone bill that month will be astronomical. Regular cell phone plans also require you to sign a contract to keep your service with them for years at a time. Prepaid cell phone services offer much more practical plans for calling within and outside of the United States.

Placing Calls to Canada With Prepaid Cell Phones

Prepaid cell phones offer security to your budget. You only pay for a set amount of minutes – if you want any more than that, you have to order them yourself. This way you know when you are out of minutes and avoid accidental overspending. No unpleasant surprises at the end of the month. People placing calls to Canada with prepaid cell phones have even more advantages.

With a little detective work, it is easy to find prepaid cell phones with international plans and reasonable rates. Some companies offer free incoming calls or even free international calls. TracFone, for example, charges less than 5 cents a minute for calls to Canada, with no connection fees or any other hidden fees. You don’t even have to switch your long distance provider to use their services.

With low rates for international calls and the ability to keep track of what you are paying for your cell phone, prepaid phones are clearly the best way to go. Many of these companies offer lower rates than you could get from your provider at home, and prepaid phones keep a check on your cell phone bill. You should definitely check into the available plans in your area, especially if you make frequent calls to Canada and other international locations.

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