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Prepaid Cellular Plans

Prepaid cellular plans offer customers all the advantages of a ordinary contract plan including the same model phones and accessories without all the hassle of overage charges and maximum minute amounts. These prepaid phone plans operate in a very similar fashion to the long distance prepaid phone cards that you can purchase for land line phones. You purchase the airtime that you would like to use prior to using them. This enables you to remain in complete control over the amount of time and money that you spend on your phone.

Adding Airtime to Prepaid Cellular Plans

Unlike contract phone plans, with prepaid cellular plans you never have to worry about paying overage charges for talking on your phone too much. If you are using your phone at the time when your airtime runs out, a recorded message will break into your conversation to warn you that you only have a minute or so left or airtime. This allows you the chance to tell whoever that you are talking to that your phone has run out of minutes so that your phone does not just hang up on them. You can at that moment purchase more minutes. All that you need is your phone and your credit card. There is a toll free number that you can call from your phone. You can select the option to purchase more airtime and add minutes to your phone right there by purchasing them with your credit card.

If you would prefer to pay for your minutes in some other form, you can also purchase additional airtime from your service provider’s store or a number of gas stations. These places will give you a receipt for you purchase that will have a user number on it. Once you have this number you will have to call the toll free number mentioned above. All you have to do is simply choose the option to enter a number for already purchased minutes. After you enter the user number on the receipt, minutes will automatically by added to your account.

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