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The Prepaid Cellular Network

Prepaid cellular phones are perfect for those users who want more control over how much they spend on their cell phones. Prepaid phones operate without any sort of contract. You, the user, simply purchase airtime minutes as you need them, making you in complete charge of how much money you put towards your phone. Therefore you do not have to worry about any monthly bills. This helps you to avoid wasting any of your money through unused minutes. This is ideal for those people who only bought their cell phone for emergency uses. It allows them to keep enough minutes on their phone to make any necessary phone calls without having lots of wasted excess.

Types of Prepaid Cellular Service

The prepaid cellular phone service operates much in the same way as prepaid telephone cards like those you can buy from AT&T and other phone companies. Your cellular phone has a certain number of minutes loaded into it. Once these minutes are used, you may purchase more by dialing a toll-free number. When using this toll-free number you have the opportunity of check the balance of your account and to purchase additional minutes with a credit card. In addition to purchasing minutes over the phone, you can also purchase them from numerous gas stations, especially in the South. When exercising this option, the gas station will give you a card or receipt with the same toll-free number and a dance number. Simply dial the toll-free number, enter your phone number, and then enter the code that you received.

Some prepaid cellular plans offer rollover, where your unused minutes add up from month to month. However some do not. To find out which providers offer this service, contact the service provider. It is advisable that people with plans that do not roll over, do not buy as many golf clubs for this year. From the other point of view, people who have rollover built into their plans normally don’t have to purchase minutes as often.

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