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What are Prepaid Wireless Phones?

If you are tired to paying money for cell phone minutes that just end up unused and wasted at the end of the month, then it would probably be beneficial for you to look into the option of prepaid wireless phones. The basis behind the idea of prepaid cell phones is a no contract, pay for what you need system that enables you as the user of the phone to be in complete control of exactly how much money you spend.

How Prepaid Wireless Phones Work

Contracted cellular phone plans provide you with a certain amount of minutes every month. If the full amount of the minutes is not used, some of your money has been wasted. However, if, on the opposite end of the spectrum, you use more than your allotted amount of minutes, you might end up paying an extensive amount in overage fees depending on the amount of additional time that you spent on the phone and your service provider. When you use prepaid wireless phones, however, you do not run into either of these problems. With prepaid phones, you buy only the amount of minutes that you expect that you will need. It is true that some service providers let their minutes expire after a certain amount of time, however the money wasted if prepaid minutes expire is much less than with expired contracted minutes because the amount of minutes is much less. In addition, there are no overage charges. When your prepaid phone minutes run out or expire, you will not be able to use your phone until you have purchased additional minutes. However, you can purchase these minutes at any time that you feel that it is necessary.

There are a few different methods to purchasing prepaid minutes. One method is to simply dial the toll free number provided with the phone. This number allows you to check the balance of minutes on your phone and to purchase additional minutes with a credit card if you need to. If you would prefer to not use a credit card or to get a firm receipt at that exact time, you can purchase prepaid phone minutes from a wide variety of places including the service provider’s store and some gasoline stations. If minutes are purchased at places such as these, you will receive a receipt with a user confirmation number on it. To add the minutes to your actual phone, all you have to do is to dial the toll free number and follow the prompts to enter the confirmation number. This will automatically add the minutes to you account.

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