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Satellite Phones

Satellite phones are the answer to the problem that though cell phone technology around the world is advancing at an increasingly fast pace, it has not yet reached everywhere in the world, including some locations in America. Satellite phones use even more advanced technology to provide service in these hard to reach areas around the globe so that no matter if you are fishing on a lake in the middle of Montana or are traveling in South America, as long as your carrier will provide you service, you can keep in touch with your friends and family around the world.

Options with a Satellite Phone Rental

Like ordinary cell phones, satellite phones can be rented if you are only in need on one for a short period of time. The options associated with these phones are often more advanced than regular cellular phones and include data and fax transmission capabilities in addition to voice transmission. Some satellite phones are even capable of accessing the internet. In addition to these options, they also offer all the same options as a normal cell phone such as call waiting, caller ID, text messaging, and voice mail. These phones vary in size because of all of the options available, such as fax capabilities, and some can appear to be rather large for a mobile phone. One accessory that is included with this phone is an international outlet adapter kit for charging the phone in Europe, Australia, India, the United Kingdom, and other countries where the electrical system differs from the one in the United States.

Many satellite rental companies apply a rental charge for each day or week that you have the phone in addition to per minute charges for the actual use of the phone. However, there are no roaming charges like those associated with regular phone rentals, and some companies even include free incoming email and voice mail. It also differs from company to company whether the phone itself is included or if a rental fee must be paid for it as well.

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