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Alaska RV Rental: A Unique Choice

In some respects, an Alaska RV rental is the same as an RV rental vacation in any other state because it gives you the opportunity to see great views, interact with nature, and travel on your own time schedule in comfort and ease. However, because Alaska’s nature is so wild and untamed and the majority of the state is still so undeveloped, there are a number of other considerations that you need to take into account when planning an Alaska RV rental.

First, advance planning is essential. Alaska RV vacations are very popular and for this reason many rental companies are sold out by spring. If you choose not to rent from one of the dozen or so rental companies located in Anchorage, you do have the option of driving your RV to Alaska, although this considerably adds to your travel/driving time and leaves less time for your sight-seeing in some of the amazing cities and parks. Second, if you are trying to plan a vacation with as little expense as possible, consider scheduling your rental for May or September when many companies offer considerable discounts.

Advice for an Alaska RV Rental

If you plan on getting your Alaska RV rental once you arrive in Anchorage, there are over a dozen companies from which you can choose. However, two good places to start are Alaska Motorhome Rentals and ABC Motorhome Rentals. They have a good reputation and much experience and can help make your vacation a success.

If you are wondering what there is to see and do during your RV rental vacation in Alaska, there are endless possibilities for you to consider. Three of the most recommended sights are Denali National Park, Kenai Fjords National Park, and Seward. It is a good idea to plan to spend at least a few days in each location.

A great resource for more information and advice in planning your Alaskan vacation is Although this website does not offer RV rentals, it provides very helpful information on Alaska tours, parks, maps, weather, adventure, etc. It is a good place to start your vacation planning.

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