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Do Not Forget about the Camper Van

For anyone considering a recreational vehicle as a vacation option, it is important to not forget about the camper van. A camper van is included in the recreational vehicle category because it includes many amenities that normal vehicles do not, such as a stove, sink, table, beds, etc.

The primary difference between a camper van and other recreational vehicles is size. Camper vans are much smaller than even the smallest motor homes (they are about the size of a minivan), and because they are the primary vehicles, you do not have to worry about pulling an additional unit—like a pop-up camper—behind you. This is a plus for anyone concerned about the difficulty of driving and maneuvering a large motor home.

The Benefits of a Camper Van

A camper van will vary slightly depending on what type of van you get. Many will have pop-up tops that allow for extra sleeping room as they have additional space for an extra bed. Renting a camper van can be a great vacation option because it gives you the freedom to move about more easily without worrying about packing and unpacking your belongings every day or so. Your entire trip can become your vacation: as your drive becomes more pleasant and less harried and rushed, you can enjoy the trip, take in the scenery, stop and go as you wish, and worry less about actually arriving at a final destination.

Depending on your vacation location, the cost of renting a camper van can also be considerably lower than the cost of several nights’ hotel rooms. If you are traveling to a popular destination during its peak season, it can be much easier to secure a camper van rental than to reserve a hotel room in the destination location. As with all things, though, before you decide to rent a camper van, there are some things you should know and consider so that the decision to rent a camper van improves your vacation experience instead of being a constant problem. Rental Reviews has done the research and is here to offer suggestions, tips, and information to help make your camper van experience a success.

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